Welcome to ITEX Florida

The ITEX office for business barter in Ocala, Florida serves the northern Florida, southern Georgia, and has many clients throughout the United States. As a member of the world's largest retail trade exchange (bartering), ITEX, we can bring your business greater profits and assist you in securing a brighter future.

Browse through our website and let us open up a whole new world you may not have used in the past to increase your sales and offset your cash expenses.

ITEX is a network of members that offer a huge variety of products and services around the country and in the world. Our website is just a portion of what is offered to you as a member of ITEX. Once you realize all the great opportunities we can offer you, then click on our "JOIN ITEX" button, fill out the form and Let's Start Trading!!


ITEX Helps You 2 Ways

1. Brings you new business you would not have had except
for the fact you are a member of ITEX
2. Offsets your expense by using the additional business to
pay some of the expenses you paid in the past with CASH

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